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The Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society is a direct descendant of the Taipei Interactive Theatre Society which came out of the Taipei RolePlayers table top roleplaying game hobby group founded by Brian David Phillips, Michael Cheng, Lorraine (Law) Phillips, Tom Mullen, and a like-minded group of RPG enthusiasts in 1991. Over the years, the group changed membership several times but managed to keep a core of hardcore players. A few of these core players are now with T.I.T.S. while others have moved on to other pastures (many of the expatriate members have returned to their home countries while new ones have joined the group).

At one point Brian was actually running games for the main TRP group, a group of students at National Chengchi University interested in the hobby, his RPG class at NCCU, and a few conversational English classes.

Both Brian and Michael have used interactive drama freeform live roleplaying games in their English Conversation classes at National Chengchi University for a number of years. Brian also runs the Interactive Dramas scenarios and information archive on the web as well as editing the Journal of Interactive Drama. In addition, Brian's doctoral dissertation in comparative literature is a critical analysis of scenario structures for interactive dramas.

All this led eventually to someone saying, "Hey, this stuff is really fun, why don't we do it for real!" The result is the T.I.T.S. troupe, a hodgepodge group of Chinese and expatriates in Taiwan dedicated to having a good time playing out their fantasies via scenario-based interactive drama live roleplays. This makes perfect sense as Brian's undergraduate and graduate studies were in theatre. He teaches acting and directing as well as a number of theatre-related courses at the university as well and uses improvisational theatre games in many of his communication courses.

The purpose of the group is to provide entertainment for the members. If we can do a little advocacy for interactive drama and other forms of improvisational theatre-style live roleplay on the way, then great, but our main goal is to have a good time. In that regard we will focus mostly on self-contained or "stand-alone" scenarios rather than series or "chronicle" systems as we'd like to have a chance to play in as many different genres, situations, and portray as many wild and crazy characters as we can.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the hobby but there is a condition that prospective players have a reasonably advanced fluency level in spoken English for many of the games (all scenario materials are written in English, although during actual play, participants may use whatever language is of highest common fluency). Also, since we play with our friends, there's the vague liking attribute. If we like you, we'll play with you, if we don't, we won't. See the rules for more details.

If you would like join our productions, be sure to become a member of our official Facebook group (the only reliable way to get updates and to join performances). Go to our Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society Facebook members group page at and sign up. Also consider joining our Meetup Group at

If you really don't have much of a clue as to what improvisational theatre-style live roleplaying is, feel free to read the other documents on this site and to slip on over to the Interactive Dramas archive where there is a lot of material which we don't feel like duplicating here. If after you've read all this stuff and you're interested in playing with us or if you'd like some advice on how to start your own group, feel free to email Dr. Phillips.

PLEASE NOTE: While many of the folks involved with the Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society are connected with National Chengchi University or other educational organizations in one capacity or another, this troupe is in no way affiliated with the NCCU or any other organization. This is a private group. Period.

Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society

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