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Welcome to INTERACTIVE DRAMAS the Scenario-Based Theatre-Style Interactive Drama Freeform Live Action Roleplaying Game Scenario Archive home on the world wide web.

This page is basically a place for links to information about and scenarios for Interactive Drama, Freeform Role Plays, and Live Action Role Playing games. We'll also try to incorporate as much information as possible about educational use of role playing games and the like, particularly for the learning of languages and the teaching of literature.

One of the biggest problems with a site of this type and size is dealing with the odd bit of link rot so I need your help. If you find a dead link, please email me and let me know. If you know of any other resources that should have their own link, let me know that too. Thanks to all the kind folks who've helped me out. I appreciate your kindness and your patience.

These pages are maintained by Brian David Phillips, an Associate Professor in the English Department at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Phillips holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree in English/Comparative Literature from National Taiwan University with a dissertation in Interactive Drama: Critical Perspectives on Freeform Role Plays as Drama. Dr. Phillips is also a Certified Hypnotherapist. Whew!

Here are the various pages, links, and what-have-you which make up the INTERACTIVE DRAMA web site. Just click on the heading-link to go to the appropriate subpage. The pages are organized here by category. If you would like to add your own link to one of the pages here email me at and I'll most assuredly get back to you as quickly as possible.


Here you'll find my rationale for creating this page.


Here you'll find definitions and explanations of Interactive Drama, Freeform Role Play, Murder Mystery Whodunits, and Live Action Role Playing Games.

A Multi-Discipline Peer-Reviewed Journal of
Scenario-Based Theatre-Style Interactive Drama Freeform Live Action Roleplaying Games
This is the only peer-reviewed journal currently devoted to scenario-based theatre-style live action roleplaying games. It approaches the topic from many disciplines. To go directly to the journal's site, click here.


This is the section this web site was originally designed for. We are currently one of the most comprehensive archives of role playing and interactive drama freeform scenarios on the Web. If you are a freeform, live roleplay, murder mystery scenario, or interactive drama writer, please contact Dr. Phillips about having your scenarios archived here. If you have several pieces, we'd be happy to set up a subsection here devoted to your work. If you have scenarios online, please let us know so we can provide links to your web pages. The more scenarios that become available, the more likely we can encourage others to give interactive drama a try and eventually to write their own, emulating the better scenarists and increasing the quality of the material available.

When submitting scenarios to this site, please provide materials in at least one format that directors may edit. Often casting considerations require some slight editing of a piece for gender or player number so it is helpful if the files are in text, rtf, or Word formats that allow editing. Original authors should always receive credit for performance literature.

  • SCENARIOS - Here is a diverse selection of scenarios by various authors. If you would like to contribute, feel free to email Dr. Phillips and we'll be happy to either put a local copy here or link to your site.

  • NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY SCENARIOS - Here are various scenarios created by my students. Some are HTMLized others are still in text format - eventually they'll all be Webized. Please remember while reading these, they have been written by English as a FOREIGN Language students in Taiwan. Most files have only undergone a small amount of editing so may need major tinkering before play.



  • SCENARIOS WITH MATURE THEMES - These are scenarios which are inappropriate for minors. These scenarios treat mature subject matter and themes. Nor appropriate for all audiences, reader discretion is advised.

  • OTHER SOURCES FOR SCENARIOS ONLINE - Here are other sites where you can find scenarios or information about scenarios.


Here are articles and the like in which you can find information and advice for creating Interactive Drama scenarios or for starting a troupe. You will also find academic approaches to the theory of Interactive Drama and related fields.


This is a list of resources available elsewhere on the web related to interactive drama. This is meant to be a jumping off point rather than a comprehensive clearing house. Many of these sites are themselves rather comprehensive. You will find information on interactive drama systems, troupes, companies, costuming, cosplayers, weaponry, and a whole lot more here.

Here we also have a few links to various interactive drama and freeform live action role play systems. Some of these are quite freeform and intuitive while others are rather rigid and more difficult to master. These may be of the theatre style or live combat style varieties. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list (there are other places on the web to find those).


Interactive Drama, Improvisational Theatre, LARP, Freeform, Roleplaying Scenario, and more books and resources.


Contact us and join our sister Facebook group for folks interested in participating in Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society interactive drama events and join the Interactive Dramatists email discussion list for authors of theatre style scenarios for live action interactive drama role playing games.

Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society

Here is the web presence for the Taiwan Interactive Theate Society, the troupe of interactive drama players I founded currently co-organize. The group is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and specializes in theatre-style stand-alone scenarios.

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