Editorial Board

  • Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH
    • Associate Professor, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (email, web)

Editorial Board

  • Scott Beattie, PhD
    • Staff and Curriculum Development, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Michael C. Cheng, MA
    • Lecturer, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (web)
  • Jonathan Elcock, PhD
    • Field Chair of Psychology, University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
  • Alan Schwartz, PhD
    • Associate Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, United States (web)
  • Kreg Segall, PhD
    • Assistant Professor, Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Allen Stroud, MA
    • Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and Video Production, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, England

Editorial Policy

The Journal of Interactive Drama is an international journal dedicated to the publication of critical discussion and scenarios related to Scenario-Based Theatre-Style Interactive Drama Freeform Live Action Roleplaying Games and welcomes contributions in all areas of the study, design, and creation of stand-alone scenario-based LARPS as well as Scenario-Based Learning related to interactive dramas of this type. Review articles of books related to interactive drama and informal book announcements are also welcome. Critical pieces on scenarios or convention events are welcome. Stand-alone scenarios are encouraged for submission with designer notes and running commentary. Submissions are peer-reviewed. Contributions may be submitted from all countries and are accepted all year round. The language of publication is English. There are no restrictions on regular submission; however, manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications cannot be accepted without express notice and permissions for simultaneous publication. Submissions by electronic mail are accepted. Hardcopy or regular mail submissions are not accepted.

Distribution and Community

The Journal of Interactive Drama is published online at The journal is a published three to four times a year. You may find the current issue and past issues arechived at on the world wide web. The journal is associated with the scenario archive at maintained by Dr. Brian David Phillips. The online discusson forum associated with the journal and the scenario archive/workshop is at This forum includes online workshop for interactive dramatists to post draft versions of scenarios for community comments as well as for them to share their material with other directors to run in different venues. In addition to other resources, Dr. Phillips maintains a blog with a category for posts related to interactive dramas at


Feel free to contact the editors of the Journal of Interactive Drama via email at You may also discuss issues related to the journal on the discussion forum at

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    Dr. Brian David Phillips
    Editor, Journal of Interactive Drama

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