Lei'd to Rest

science fiction murder mystery whodunit
freeform interactive drama live action roleplaying scenario

written by

DeAnna Knippling

adapted and directed by

Brian David Phillips, Ph.D, C.H.
18 September 2010, 6:30pm

Paradise Lost


The sun-drenched beaches of Planet Paradisio have been a paradise for millennia, isolated and exotic . . . long before the first human colonization by the Polynesian Diaspora first-comers two hundred years ago. Theirs is a culture rich in spirits that inhabit every tree, rock, stream, and volcano - a culture rich in stories.

Everything changed on January 20, 2378, when Star Captain Jim Cook rediscovered the long lost Paradisio System. Since then, Planet Paradisio has become more modern, fighting to maintain the balance between keeping its ancient traditions and acquiring modern advantages. Tourists are everywhere, mingling with the locals - their constant influx is both a blessing and a curse. Most tourists are only looking for a good time, but some of them have other motives. Interstellar smugglers find it easy to mingle in the transient population, and there's many a quiet cove to land an unregistered space transport . . .

Join the locals and the tourists at Lokuhai Beach, to find out what happens when the sun sets and the tensions rise . . . Welcome to Planet Paradisio, the Paradise Planet where your dreams just may be Lei'd to Rest!

The season premiere "performance" of the Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society will be 18 September 2010, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Phillips residence (email or call for details if you don't know the location - make sure you have your role cast early so you can prepare your character, costumes, and any props needed). This is a dinner party event . . . potluck, please coordinate food and drinks with Lorraine Phillips. Ostensibly, we are simulating a luau but potluck goodies will certainly do the trick!


The Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society, the premiere scenario-based theatre-style live action role playing costume game troupe in Taiwan, has been on hiatus for a number of years . . . this is our premiere reboot session so new members are very very welcome! Actually, they are needed . . . big time! So come on in and join us! It has been awhile so we're ready, willing, and eager to have some fun!

If you are unfamiliar with interactive dramas, they are a hybrid between scenario-based improvisational theatre and live action cosplay role playing game. See the archives at for a lot of background and information.

The scenario for our playing pleasure will be Paradise Lost: Lei'd to Rest, a science fiction murder mystery whodunit interactive drama freeform live action roleplaying scenario. If you're not sure what "science fiction murder mystery whodunit" means, don't worry about it, that's just a way of showing that this is a multi-genre scenario that doesn't fit into one story type . . . suffice it to say that this is really just a simple scenario similar in nature to the scenarios we're already familiar with. While it's set a few hundred years into the future on an alien pleasure planet (for fun), it certainly won't be beyond the abilities of any of our players.

Lei'd to Rest
Science Fiction Murder Mystery Whodunit
Theatre-Style Interactive Drama Live Role Action Roleplaying Game

Genre:Science Fiction Murder Mystery Whodunit
Problem Solving:Yes!
Intrigue:You bet!
Catharsis:Anything is possible
Mature or Adult Concepts:Not much, unless you count murder, intrigue, and deceit.
Fun:Lots and lots and lots
Director:Brian David Phillips
Venue:Phillips residence (not far from Shijr Train Station in Taipei)
Date:Saturday, 18 September 2010, 6:30pm
Note:This is a special Pot-Luck Dinner Party Roleplaying Interactive Theatre Mystery Event - please coordinate food and drinks with Lorraine Phillips. We are ostensibly simulating a luau but any goodies will do us. If you really want to be clever with your dishes, it is science fiction.

Once Brian has definite casting information on who will be playing, he will put the publicly available character lists and scenario descriptions on the web page. As usual, this theatre-style live roleplaying event will be held in the Phillips residence (email or call for details if you're not sure of the venue).

The cast list for the scenario is both robust and flexible but there are certain characters who are absolutely essential and others that must be played by male or female players so those places will tend to be cast first on a first-come-first-served basis. We absolutely MUST have at least six players for the scenario and can accommodate twelve major players, although we can continue casting new roles as long as there are folks to take them. Minimum: SIX PLAYERS required (honestly, it's a lot more fun with twelve or more players so be sure to encourage friends to play as well).

If the slots fill and you still want to play, we can accommodate additional last minute characters (smugglers, enforcers, data runners, revolutionaries, pirates and the like) who can play and fill in atmosphere but whose characters will probably not be very well developed or deeply involved in the major plots nor are they likely to be all that well written either -- Brian is happy to whip up additional characters for players as long as he has time to do so). Caveat: We need a minimum of six core characters for the event to proceed (fewer than that just isn't worth the trouble of trying to keep things interesting and busy -- Brian's not up to that kind of hassle as the scenario is written specifically for a comfortable range of six to twelve players.).

Players will receive general character type and descriptions within a week of reserving a slot in the cast so that they can begin working on costume or props (feel free to be as simple or as complex as you like, but we do ask that participants at least give it a proper go . . . there will be a Best Costume award in addition to the Best Roleplayer award.

For costumes, think of throwing a hodge podge of science fiction films into the mix along with some traditional Hawaiian costumes - both native and tourist-garish . . . so grass skirts and blasters would not be far off. For the science fiction elements think Fifth Element slammed into Firefly (or, Serenity if you don't know the television series) and the like . . . rough-hewn colonists and exotic fashion is fine.

Complete personal character descriptions will be emailed at least a week and a half prior to play.

If you wish to join us, you need to let Brian know A.S.A.P. to reserve a character (actually, he needs to write the thing so you'd best let him know earlier rather than later to get a "good" character -- that is well-written rather than thrown together at the last minute albeit a few rare characters will actually be morally upstanding individuals).

If you're going to play and you want a character, please let Brian know ASAP! Regular cast and newcomers, it would be very helpful if you could let the Director know whether you wish to play before September 1 (an immediate conditional reply now would also be appreciated so HIT THAT MAILTO LINK NOW!). The earlier we have casting set, the earlier you can get a passable costume ready and can track down props (some characters have required props they must have).

The year is 2528 In Paradise Lost: Lei'd to Rest, the guests will join the luau sponsored by the Harmony Cove Planetary Resort over the course of a single evening. Wealthy businessmen will rub shoulders with local entertainers, while newlyweds, friends, and grandparents take pictures of each other and eat exotic foods prepared by local master chefs. But . . . what brings smugglers to Lokuhai Beach? Are all the tourists what they seem? And keep your eyes peeled for the mysterious Red Goddess, who is reputed to walk through the heavy forest just off the beach!

Everyone invited to Paradise Lost: Lei'd to Rest is given their own character to play. As they arrive, they're greeted by the Starbus Pilot, the host of the party. Each character has goals and objectives to accomplish before the end of the meal. Everyone has their own set of goals - some of which can only be achieved by dirty dealing or by getting what someone else wants. Where one person succeeds, another will be left gnashing teeth!

The guests have various items, such as weapons to help them. They may also have various abilities to help them uncover secrets, achieve their goals, and thwart the other characters.

During the evening, the guests can form alliances, blackmail each other, steal each other's items, and even try to kill each other! Along the way, they may solve some of Planet Paradisio's mysteries. Are the locals poisoning people? Who threatened the starlet? How are the wealthy businessman and the victim connected? Is someone threatening the tourists? What makes a smuggler so interested in innocent-looking Terran newlyweds?

Join us to find out in Paradise Lost: Lei'd to Rest . . .

Part of the premise of the scenario is a Murder Mystery Whodunit in which players take on the roles of suspects in a murder (this is not all there is to it as there are also several subplots that you'll be involved in as each character will have his or her own personal goals to accomplish during the scenario run). You will be given character briefings that have information about yourself and others. In the course of the game, you will ask questions of others and be asked questions. Unlike other games of this type, while the "Murderer" may lie, all others DO NOT HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH either. Yes, it's just like real life in that anyone you speak with could be lying (albeit they will be doing it in character).

During an investigation, a detective must answer three questions in order to catch a murderer:

  • MOTIVE - Who had a reason to kill the victim? Does any particular person benefit - for example, financially or romantically - from the victim's death?

  • MEANS - Who had access to the murder weapon? Does any particular person have the unique knowledge, skill, or physical ability necessary to use the murder weapon?

  • OPPORTUNITY - Who had a chance to kill the victim? Is any particular person unaccounted for (has no alibi) during the time the victim was killed?

Your challenge is to use these three elements to form a hypothesis about the murder, which will result in an accusation. Keep these questions in mind as you pursue your investigation. Good Luck!

Tentative Cast List

The nature of the scenario is modular so character assignments will be made on a first-come-first-served approach based upon plot priority. There is an absolute minimum number of characters required for the game to go forward with additional character assignments possible after the minimum has been made (basically, new plots and relationships are threaded in with dynamic changes). If we don't have enough for the minimum, then the performance gets shelved. Do note that additional characters will be slotted in so there is no actual maximum for this scenario. So, get out there and recruit some bodies to play!

Sorry, for this scenario, it is not possible for folks to choose their own characters due to this modular nature. However, the following cast list will give you an idea of the range of characters within the scenario. Casting assignments will begin soon. Descriptions here are one-liners of what sort of person the character appears to be to others, many characters have secret attributes and some may even be very different from who they appear to be . . . at least one is a murderer, possibly more. The descriptions may seem mundane to some, but keep in mind that the scenario takes place hundreds of years in the future on a tourist planet thousands of lightyears away - scifi Hawaiian paradise, if you will.

Annatto Religious zealot Ange Lee
Elsie Brighton One half of a pair of newlyweds. Artificial Intelligence (Companion Model Android) and naïve Jessica Yuan
Ned Brighton Elsie Brighton's sickly other half from Old Earth --
Sarafina Chavez An aspiring holodrama actress willing to do anything to get attention Stacey Pai
Anson Hardasty Wealthy elderly businessman Michael Cheng
Max Hartnett Anson's Hardasty's best lawyer Jessie Lin
Keoni Tour guide and traditional Paradisian entertainer, with aspirations Beatrice Wang
Dr. Penny Kingsbury Local doctor Charlene Yu
Mojo Mo Paradisian master cook and sometime witch doctor Lorraine Phillips
Anna Nayuki Local real estate agent Kaye Phillips
Jack Slack Local small-scale entrepreneur and all-around modern space pirate Loren Heiman
Mel Squant The seemingly perfect grandparent and tourist Kevin Lee

If you have not contacted the Director by emailing with a request for a character assignment, then please do so now! Players under the age of eighteen need to have parental permission to play and should contact Lorraine with contact particulars (she needs to confirm with your parent or guardian - no bid deal, but we do need to cross our t's and dot our i's with underage players; minimum age for membership in the troupe is sixteen - like many troupes of this type, actual player age range is very very wide from high school students to university students to career professionals and beyond . . . we are all brought together through our common enjoyment of the activity).

If you have not yet joined the troupe's Facebook troupe at do it now. Also, be sure to mark yourself as Attending on the scenario event page at although that alone is not enough, you need to contact the Director as soon as possible for a character assignment.

Costume Hints

As noted above, in general, costumes should be fairly simple . . . contemporary clothing can easily be adapted to our needs with a bit of this or that stuck onto it . . . be playful and have fun with your character type and costume . . . adding a playful scifi twist here and there.

Obviously, you can feel free to adapt your costume as you see fit in terms of items you can get readily as long as it captures the mood of the character. Although this is a science fiction piece most folks shouldn't have too much of a problem finding something to capture the essence of the character.

The setting is a paradise vacation beach resort luau on a water planet a couple hundred years in the future so in a pinch Hawaiian shirts, flowery native dresses, grass skirts, and swim suits will definitely work in a pinch. Feel free to modify them or not for a science fiction twist.

Those who might feel weird walking the streets of Taipei in their costumes should feel welcome to bring their outfits in unmarked brown paper bags and change at the venue prior to the start of game play.

Once more, if you're not on this list of players/characters and you would still like to join the game, please email the Director (that's me, Brian David Phillips) at (the sooner, the better so I can write the character into the plots). Feel free to consult the troupe web page at for more information and future updates.

More information to come as we have a better idea of who will be playing and as Brian makes it up.

Welcome to the luau!

Paradise Lost

Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society

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