An Afternoon of Short Interactive Drama

coordinated by

Brian David Phillips and Lorraine Phillips
27 November 2010, 3:00pm

followed immediately by
Pot-Luck Dinner/Game Party
6:30pm-ish to whenever folks leave

The Big Bad Thyng

join us for
the mini . . .

An afternoon of improvisational short interactive drama games!

Hang on tight and . . . GAME ON!
An afternoon of mini-LARP scenarios . . . costume not required. We will be playing a few quick mini-scenarios - short games that are perfect for folks who are new to live roleplaying as well as those who want to exercise their improvisational roleplay muscles. These are short simple scenarios, including BUS STOP, BELL THE CAT, and others.

This "impromptu performance" of the Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society will be 27 November 2010, beginning at 3:00 p.m. in the Phillips residence (email or call for details if you don't know the location). Make sure you let us know you are coming . . . although, there are no set roles to cast, no props, and no required costumes . . . this is an impromptu collection of short mini-scenarios perfect for newcomers who want to know whatever in the worlds this activity is as well as a fun practice time for everyone else!

For those who wish to stay for socializing, we will also have our regular potluck dinner after the games . . . please coordinate food and drinks with Lorraine Phillips. Please do let Lorraine know if you are staying for the party and whether or not you will have other guests joining you and us at that time (this is a great excuse to bring your non-player friends and significant others into the social gathering for the socialization fun.


We are the Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society, the premiere scenario-based theatre-style live action role playing costume game troupe in Taiwan, and while we already have a number of events under our belt . . . this is our reboot season so new members are very very welcome! Newcomers are more than welcome . . . we're ready, willing, and eager to have some fun with you!

If you are unfamiliar with interactive dramas, they are a hybrid between scenario-based improvisational theatre and live action cosplay role playing game. See the archives at for a lot of background and information.

This time around, we do not have one set scenario . . . rather, Brian has prepared a number of mini-scenarios that are very short and intended to be part of an afternoon of fast-paced fun and socializing. We also have a number of Improvisational Language Structures based upon theatre games and improvisational comedy games that are perfect practice exercises but also fun in and of themselves!

An Afternoon of Short Interactive Drama Fun
Please do email to let us know you are coming!

Genre:Mixed, depending on scenario.
Problem Solving:Yes!
Comedy:A Whole Bunch!
Mature or Adult Concepts:Mostly G-Rated Fun.
Fun:Lots and lots and lots
Directors:Brian David Phillips and Lorraine Phillips
Venue:Phillips residence (not far from Shijr Train Station in Taipei)
Date:Saturday, 27 November 2010, 3:00pm
Special Notes:There is a Pot-Luck Dinner Party after the gaming - please coordinate food and drinks with Lorraine Phillips.

Current List of Folks Planning to Attend
Watch for Updates

While there are not assigned characters and nothing for players to prepare to play, we do like to have an solid idea of who is or isn't coming to the event so be sure to email Brian or Lorraine to let them know you are coming (please provide English Name, Chinese Name, email, and cellphone so we can contact you if neccessary). English or bilingual speakers can contact Brian or Lorraine while those who speak Chinese only should contact Lorraine.

Kaye Phillips
Lorraine Phillips (Director)
Brian David Phillips (Director)

If you have not contacted the Director by emailing letting us know you are planning on attending, then please do so now! Players under the age of eighteen need to have parental permission to play and should contact Lorraine with contact particulars (she needs to confirm with your parent or guardian - no bid deal, but we do need to cross our t's and dot our i's with underage players; minimum age for membership in the troupe is sixteen - like many troupes of this type, actual player age range is very very wide from high school students to university students to career professionals and beyond . . . we are all brought together through our common enjoyment of the activity).

If you have not yet joined the troupe's Facebook troupe at do it now. Also, be sure to mark yourself as Attending on the scenario event page at although that alone is not enough, you need to contact the Director as soon as possible for a character assignment.

If you're going to attend, please let Lorraine and Brian know ASAP! Regular cast and newcomers, it would be very helpful if you could let the Director know whether you wish to play before November 15, even earlier is much much appreciated (an immediate conditional reply now would also be appreciated so HIT THAT MAILTO LINK NOW! - especially if you wish to have a character with more motivation, goals, character, and meatier things to do). For those of you who prefer or need to correspond in Chinese, please email Lorraine HERE.

Feel free to consult the troupe web page at for more information and future updates.

If you have not yet joined the troupe's Facebook troupe at do it now. Also, be sure to mark yourself as Attending on the scenario event page at although that alone is not enough, you need to contact the Director soon.

Please remember . . . directly after the interactive drama games, we will have a potluck party . . . you are invited and encouraged to stick around and socialize with the other players out of character and in good company. Non-player significant others and friends are invited to join us for this AfterLARP event as well.

Please let us know whether or not you are staying and do coordinate with Lorraine on dishes and beverages.

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