t h e

murder mystery whodunit
freeform interactive drama live action roleplaying scenario

written by

Mary Lee and Andrew Boxall

adapted and directed by

Brian David Phillips, Ph.D, C.H.
Saturday, 9 April 2016, Two-Thirty to Six-Thirty-ish
Fantasy Costume Roleplaying Murder Mystery Party

After-Party Debrief Socializing Dinner
Six-Thirty-ish to Whenever
For Those Who Wish to Stay and Join Us

Minimum Registration Deadline: March 3

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The Immortal Murders

It is time for
The Hidden Council’s
Annual Ball
This is the social event of the year.

The Royalty of
The Mage Guild,
Were Clans,
Vampyr Houses and
Fae Court

will be in attendance.

As always when the Immortal Court gather's
you can expect political intrigue, barbed innuendos,
backstabbing and betrayal.

Not much different than any other day among royalty.

Season of Change . . .

It is again time for the Hidden Council's Annual Ball. Everyone is very excited. Recently, there have been several Mortal Watchers murdered. As we all know, the Watcher's are very important to the Immortals. They stand between us, and the discovery of our existence by the mortal world. The Watchers ensured all tales of the Immortals became Fairy Tales or Mythology. We all know that if the mortals were to discover our existence, there would be widespread panic and "Witch Hunts". We must discover who is threatening our existence and put an end to it. A Spectral Inquisitor will be attending, to help us discover who is behind these murders. Those that cannot attend will receive a personal visit from the Inquisitor for interrogation. We think most would prefer to handle this meeting with a crowd around!

Join us in an exciting and odd and wonderfully weird performance of the Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society set for 9 April 2016, beginning at 2:30 p.m. in the Phillips residence (once you are cast, feel free to email or call for details if you don't know the location - make sure you have your role cast early so you can prepare your character, costumes, and any props needed). Those who wish to stay after the game for the Post-Game Party Debrief Dinner are very welcome to do so (we typically order pizza or the like). Please plan on bringing snacks or munchies such as chips or popcorn as well as drinks or soda and refreshments and the like to the game as it's really helpful. Please note, we must have a minimum of ten players registered by March 3 for the game to move forward so if you wish to play, it is to your advantage to register early.


The Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society is the premiere scenario-based theatre-style live action role playing costume game troupe in Taiwan . . . we are always happy to make new friends and welcome new enthusiasts to the hobby so new members are very very welcome! Actually, they are needed . . . big time! So come on in and join us! We're ready, willing, and eager to have some fun! Fun with YOU!

If you are unfamiliar with interactive dramas, they are a hybrid between scenario-based improvisational theatre and live action cosplay role playing game. See the archives at for a lot of background and information.

The scenario for our playing pleasure will be The Immortal Murders, a supernatural fantasy murder mystery whodunit interactive drama freeform live action roleplaying scenario. If you're not sure what "supernatural fantasy murder mystery whodunit" means, don't worry about it, that's just a way of showing that this is a multi-genre scenario that doesn't fit into one story type . . . suffice it to say that this is really just a simple scenario similar in nature to the scenarios we're already familiar with. While it's set in a world of supernatural and horrifying and fairie creatures (for fun), it certainly won't be beyond the abilities of any of our players.

Supernatural Horror Murder Mystery Whodunit
Theatre-Style Interactive Drama Live Role Action Roleplaying Game

Genre:supernatural fantasy murder mystery whodunit
Problem Solving:Yes!
Comedy:Of course!
Intrigue:You bet!
Mature or Adult Concepts:Not much, unless you count murder, intrigue, and deceit among beloved story book and legendary and mythological characters.
Fun:Lots and lots and lots
Director:Brian David Phillips
Venue:Phillips residence (not far from Shijr Train Station in Taipei)
Date:9 April 2016, 2:30-6:30ish
Minimum Registration:Ten Players (mixed gender, although there are requirements in the scenario) must be registered to play on or before March 3 for the game to move forward so register early.
Note:This scenario will be followed by Debrief Socializing Dinner for those who can stay and mingle (typically, we order pizza or the like).
Registration:Email Brian David Phillips or use Facebook messenger.
Facebook Event:
Facebook Troupe Group:

Once Brian has definite casting information on who will be playing, he will put the publicly available character lists and scenario descriptions on the web page. As usual, this theatre-style live roleplaying event will be held in the Phillips residence (email or call for details if you're not sure of the venue).

The cast list for the scenario is both robust and flexible but there are certain characters who are absolutely essential and others that must be played by male or female players so those places will tend to be cast first on a first-come-first-served basis. We absolutely MUST have at least ten players for the scenario and can accommodate up to thirty players and a slew of others if need-be, although we can continue casting new roles as long as there are folks to take them. Minimum: TEN PLAYERS required (honestly, it's a lot more fun with twelve or more players so be sure to encourage as many of YOUR FRIENDS to join the fun and play as well).

If the slots fill and you still want to play, we can accommodate additional last minute characters (miscellaneous supernatural creatures and the like) who can play and fill in atmosphere but whose characters will probably not be very well developed or deeply involved in the major plots nor are they likely to be all that well written either -- Brian is happy to whip up additional characters for players as long as he has time to do so). Caveat: We need a minimum of ten core characters for the event to proceed (fewer than that just doesn't work as this professionally produced scenario was written to accommodate troupes of ten or more and work in terms of keeping things interesting and busy -- Brian's not up to that kind of uber-hassle as the scenario is written specifically for a comfortable range of ten to as many as thirty players.).

Players will receive general character type and descriptions within a week of reserving a slot in the cast so that they can begin working on costume or props (feel free to be as simple or as complex as you like, but we do ask that participants at least give it a proper go . . . there will be a Best Costume award in addition to Best Roleplayer, Best Sleuth, and Richest Character awards. Keep in mind that this scenario is a costume affair . . .so please come prepared to be Your Character in Costume rather than as yourself. . . for instance, someone might come as the player performing as Merlin the Wizard dresses or as a Cross-Dressing Lolipop Sucking Cheerleader Vampire Slayer, depending upon your character.

For costumes, think of the musical Cats or the animals in the Wizard of Oz or the various races of Lord of the Rings, or Myth or well pretty much anything you like really as it's an anything goes sort of costume situation. Have a LOT of fun with this!

Complete personal character descriptions will be emailed at least a week and a half prior to play but hints will be provided on this page to help you get oriented and set up.

If you wish to join us, you need to let Brian know A.S.A.P. to reserve a character (actually, he needs to write the thing so you'd best let him know earlier rather than later to get a "good" character -- that is well-written rather than thrown together at the last minute albeit a few rare characters will actually be morally upstanding individuals).

If you're going to play and you want a character, please let Brian know ASAP! Regular cast and newcomers, it would be very helpful if you could let the Director know whether you wish to play before March 3 or earlier (seriously, an immediate reply now would also be appreciated so HIT THAT MAILTO LINK NOW!). The earlier we have casting set, the earlier you can get a passable costume ready and can track down props (some characters have required props they must have).

Secret Sessions in the Sanctuary . . .

It is whispered that there will be a special meeting of the Hidden Council at this year’s Annual Ball to address the recent Watcher murders. Watchers are important to the Immortals and help keep their existence hidden from humanity. The Immortals, in turn, have sworn to protect the Watchers for their service.

Part of the premise of the scenario is a Murder Mystery Whodunit in which players take on the roles of suspects in a murder (this is not all there is to it as there are also several subplots that you'll be involved in as each character will have his or her own personal goals to accomplish during the scenario run). You will be given character briefings that have information about yourself and others. In the course of the game, you will ask questions of others and be asked questions. Unlike other games of this type, while the "Murderer" may lie, all others DO NOT HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH either. Yes, it's just like real life in that anyone you speak with could be lying (albeit they will be doing it in character).

During an investigation, a detective must answer three questions in order to catch a murderer:

  • MOTIVE - Who had a reason to kill the victim? Does any particular person benefit - for example, financially or romantically - from the victim's death?

  • MEANS - Who had access to the murder weapon? Does any particular person have the unique knowledge, skill, or physical ability necessary to use the murder weapon?

  • OPPORTUNITY - Who had a chance to kill the victim? Is any particular person unaccounted for (has no alibi) during the time the victim was killed? Obviously, you will want to check the ALIBI of suspects as well.

Your challenge is to use these three elements to form a hypothesis about the murder, which will result in an accusation. Keep these questions in mind as you pursue your investigation. So, sharpen your Critical Thinking tools and . . . Good Luck!

Tentative Cast List

The nature of the scenario is modular so character assignments will be made on a first-come-first-served approach based upon plot priority. There is an absolute minimum number of characters required for the game to go forward with additional character assignments possible after the minimum has been made (basically, new plots and relationships are threaded in with dynamic changes). If we don't have enough for the minimum, then the performance gets shelved. Do note that additional characters will be slotted in so there is no actual maximum for this scenario. So, get out there and recruit some bodies to play!

Sorry, for this scenario, it is not possible for folks to choose their own characters due to this modular nature. However, the following cast list will give you an idea of the range of characters within the scenario. Casting assignments will begin soon. Descriptions here are one-liners of what sort of person the character appears to be to others, many characters have secret attributes and some may even be very different from who they appear to be . . . at least one is a murderer, possibly more. The descriptions may seem mundane to some, but keep in mind that the scenario takes place during a supernatural Halloween costume party with players taking on the roles of beloved supernatural characters of story book, myth, and fairy tale . . . with a very sinister twist.

Once characters are cast, it is okay for players to trade roles (before the character packets are sent out, that is). Both folks must email or message the director with their desire to change their role assignments and if it is possible to make the change the director will do so. You may NOT change roles after March Third.

Please note, this particular scenario has fixed gender and is a bit less flexible than some other scenarios we play. However, certain roles are absolutely required so some characters may have their gender flipped for the event. We will change the casting name and gender accordingly (so if we have to change Bob into Bobbina we will do so) but the character packets for players will have the original name (folks will receive notice on changes so they don't get confused).

Merlin Mage Guild Merlin is married to Morganna, who bore him two sons. He spent many years as the unwilling “Guest” of Nineve. His son, Lancelot, eventually rescued him. Merlin is known to be a little shallow and self-centered. Okay, maybe more than a little. Richard McComas
Morganna Mage Guild Morganna is Merlin’s wife. During Merlin’s disappearance, she spent her time ruling with a fair hand, while helping to change the world with her good works. Christina Yang
Guinevere Mage Guild Guinevere is the mages healer. She was betrothed to Lancelot, but upon his death, by custom, she had to marry his brother, Arthur. Poor Guinevere, this is where history really got things wrong. Arthur is a bumbling accident on legs. Katherine Chiu
Arthur Mage Guild Arthur is the last surviving son of Merlin and Morganna. He is very happy to have acquired Guinevere as his wife. He displays her like the trophy she is. Tomasz Koper
Gaiwan Mage Guild Gaiwen is married to Morgan Le Fay. Before the marriage, he and Merlin were good friends. The two of them were caught bringing mortals hidden in costumes to the annual costume ball, which is now simply referred to as the “Mortal Affair”. After that embarrassment, Gaiwen chose to leave the court. Kevin Wang
Morgan Le Fay Mage Guild Morgan Le Fay is Merlin and Morganna’s daughter and sister to Arthur. She disowned the entire family years ago. She has recently married the mage, Gaiwen. Poor Gaiwen. Jing-Heng Hwang
Gandolfey Mage Guild Gandolfey likes to travel and ignore other mages or wizards . . . unless he feels like interefering . . . so, he likes to ignore or interfere. Thomas Lin
The Inquisitor Other (Spectre) The Inquisitor will be here to investigate the recent Watcher Murders. These spectral beings make even an Immortal with nothing to hide very nervous. Immortals who are murdered become spectral beings, wandering the underworld, until their killer dies. Joy Tsai
The Oracle of Sorrow Other/Director The Host of the Annual Ball, the Oracle of Sorrow sees into the very souls of all beings, living and undead, and otherwise. Brian David Phillips
Bastet The Shapeshifter Were Clan Bastet has ruled the Were Clans for ages. She was once a good and kind ruler, but lately, she has been making cruel demands and bad decisions that have affected the Were Clans adversely. In Egypt, she was worshiped as a goddess of war and protector. Shapeshifter Form: Cat. Lorraine Phillips
Anubis The Shapeshifter Were Clan Anubis has loyally served the Royal Family as Guardian and Protector. In Egypt he was worshipped as the lord of the underworld. Shapeshifter Form: Jackal. Edmund Bloxam
Hathor The Shapeshifter Were Clan Hathor has the power to root evil out of a soul and replace it with goodness and love. She is a good friend to King Oberon, who was her mentor. In Egypt she was worshipped as goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Shapeshifter Form: Cow. Viktoria Olofsson
Isis The Shapeshifter Were Clan Isis is the mother of Anubis. We have heard that she is not too happy with Bastet and her strange and demanding behavior. Is Bastet going mad? In Egypt she was worshipped as the goddess of magic and fertility. Shapeshifter Form: Eagle, usually appears in human form as a beautiful woman with giant Eagle wings or a feather cloak. Catherine Huang
Seth The Shapeshifter Were Clan Seth started a war almost 2,000 years ago, in an attempt to take over as Were Ruler. As a result, he was entombed for 1,000 years and has been slave to Bastet since his release. Bastet now treats him like a pet, instead of a cherished servant. Seth is a friend of the dead. In Egypt he was worshipped as the god of "turmoil", "confusion", "illness", "storm" and "rage". He was considered to be very strong but dangerous, and strange. Shapeshifter Form: Seth's shifter form is robust and complicated. In art, Seth is mostly depicted as a fabulous creature, referred to by Egyptologists as the Set Animal. The animal has a curved snout, long rectangular ears, a thin forked tail and canine body, with sprouted fur tufts in an inverted arrow shape; sometimes, Seth is depicted as a human with only the head of the Set animal. It does not resemble any known creature, although it could be seen as a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, a jackal, or a fennec fox. In the Late Period, Seth is depicted as a donkey or with the head of a donkey. Andy Chen
Osiris The Shapeshifter Were Clan Osiris is the Lord of the Underworld, gatekeeper for departed souls, and guardian of the Book of the Dead. He was classically depicted as a green-skinned man with a pharaoh's beard, partially mummy-wrapped at the legs, wearing a distinctive crown with two large ostrich feathers at either side, and holding a symbolic crook and flail. Chris Johnson-Myers
Prince Allendro The Vampyr House Prince Allendro is the current ruler, and they say he is now looking for a mate. Once a Vampyr reaches a certain age, they face madness if they are not mated. Dennis Xie
Cynthia The Vampyr House Cynthia is the mortal Scion of Prince Allendro. Through her, his powers are stronger. She has sworn her loyalty to him and his family. April Lu
Natasha The Vampyr House Natasha has ambitions of becoming the Prince’s mate. We have no doubt she will try to use the Prince’s pressing need for a mate to attain her goal. Adela Zhu
Gregori The Vampyr House Gregori grew up as Prince Allendro’s best friend. That friendship ended when the Prince took Cynthia as his Scion. It was expected that Gregori and Cynthia would become mates. A Scion is not allowed a mate. Her loyalty must be to her master. Krzysziof Zielinski
Henrik The Vampyr House Henrik is a Vampyr Hunter. His job is to locate and acquire missing, rogue or unknown Vampyr and return them to the Royal Vampyr House to deal with. Bill Sugg
Jessica The Vampyr House Jessica is a newly turned Vampyr, being brought before the Prince. Turning a mortal without permission is prohibited and people are wondering who turned this new one. T.B.A.
Queen Tatiana Fae Court Queen Tatiana is a beautiful, sweet, loyal and loving Wind Fairy. She is strong, nurturing and protective. Tatiana loves her family above all else. Grace Shih
King Oberon Fae Court King Oberon is an Earth Fairy and lives to love his wife, the Queen. He is also a very strong ruler. Michael Cheng
Nineve Fae Court Nineve is a Lake Fairy. You might know her from the Arthurian Legend as the Lady of the Lake. Her and the Mage, Merlin, have a love / hate relationship that has endured for ages. Ann Wu
Puck Fae Court Puck a Fire Fairy, is a prankster. It is a very good idea to watch your back around him. He is quite jovial and at first glance, you would think him harmless; but in the way of the Fae, some of his pranks can be embarrassing, or worse. Dylan Goss
Cinder Fae Court Cinder is a fire Fairy and the oldest known Immortal. He is the Captain of the Royal Guard, and a member of the Hidden Council. He is one of King Oberon’s closest friends. He was also friend to the king’s brother, Boreus. Anthony Wang
Bounty Fae Court Bounty is an Air Fairy and the Hidden Council’s Bounty Hunter and Assassin, when needed. People tend to get nervous when she shows up. Yvonne Yang
Ellora The Mortal Watchers Ellora is kind and wise beyond her years. She is overseeing the task of transcribing the Watcher’s ancient records onto computers for preservation. T.B.A.
Professor Jackson The Mortal Watchers Jackson is the full-of-himself professor, who studies the Immortals. John Michael Corrigan
Kieran The Mortal Watchers Kieran is a sweet girl. She loves books and history. They say she has some magical abilities. Some whisper that her father was one of the Mage Clan. Shinnie Chou
Jason The Mortal Watchers Jason is a rebel watcher. He believes in living life to the fullest. Jason’s twin sister, Jennifer, was one of the victims in the recent rash of watcher murders. Jeff Tseng
Christy The Mortal Watchers Christy is the newest watcher brought in by Merlin, who is in charge of recruiting new mortal watchers. Christy is quite the looker, but doesn’t seem terribly bright. People are saying that it is very obvious what Merlin saw in her. Sandy Cheng
James The Mortal Watchers James is the Council’s Public Relations expert, with deep media ties. It is his job to keep the existence of immortals hidden from the mortal world. Reserved
Tamara The Mortal Watchers Tamara is banker to the Immortals, and the niece of Professor Jackson. She also oversees’ charity fund raising and disbursements to mortal charities. Reserved

If you have not contacted the Director by emailing with a request for a character assignment, then please do so now! Minimum age for membership in the troupe is eighteen - like many troupes of this type, actual player age range is very very wide from university students to career professionals and well beyond . . . we are all brought together through our common enjoyment of the activity.

If you have not yet joined the troupe's Facebook group at do it now. Also, be sure to mark yourself as Attending on the scenario event page at although that alone is not enough, you still need to contact the Director as soon as possible for a character assignment. Remember to Invite Your Friends!

Sunny News . . .

We have been informed that the Watcher, Professor Jackson, has just invented a sunscreen that will allow the Vampyr to be out in sunlight for short periods. We are sure the Vampyr are thrilled by this discovery. It was the Professor's father who found the cure for the Were's severe allergy to silver, and his grandfather invented Vamp Juice, a blood substitute that has most of the nutrients of human blood. Vampyr can survive for a week on this juice before they need only a small amount of human sustenance. They no longer have to take lives to survive. We are very grateful to Professor Jackson and his ancestors.

Costume Hints

As noted above, in general, costumes can be fairly simple . . . contemporary clothing can easily be adapted to our needs with a bit of this or that stuck onto it . . . be playful and have fun with your character type and costume . . . adding a playful supernatural twist here and there and perhaps some makeup fun.

You are encouraged to choose a costume that fits the character. Be original and have fun. So, someone playing Merlin really could come dressed in a traditional Wizard costume or – since this is a contemporary piece – in a three-piece suit with magickal amulet and wizard’s hat. Obviously, you can feel free to adapt your costume as you see fit in terms of items you can get readily as long as it captures the mood of the character. Although this is a fantasy piece most folks shouldn't have too much of a problem finding something to capture the essence of the character.

Those who might feel weird walking the streets of Taipei in their costumes should feel welcome to bring their outfits in unmarked brown paper bags and change at the venue prior to the start of game play.

Once more, if you're not on this list of players/characters and you would still like to join the game, please email the Director (that's me, Brian David Phillips) at (the sooner, the better so I can write the character into the plots). Feel free to consult the troupe web page at for more information and future updates.

Gossip Girlthyng . . .

We all have to wonder if we will see a repeat of last year's brawl between Nineve and Morganna. They had an altercation and were escorted from the ball. Here is the story, for the few who might not know: Merlin, who is Morganna's husband, and Nineve, fell in love centuries ago. In a desperate act, Nineve lulled Merlin to sleep, carried him off, and kept him prisoner in a cave under her lake. When Lancelot, Merlin and Morganna's eldest son, became old enough, he stormed the cave. He carried with him Excalibur, a spelled sword that he had created. He was able to breach Nineve's spells and rescue his father. Lancelot died mysteriously two years later. The Inquisitor determined that no spells had been used in his death, and the Professor's ancestor ruled out poison. By custom, Lancelot's fiancé, Guinevere, was forced to marry his younger brother, Arthur. This leaves Arthur as the Heir Apparent. We all wish Morganna a very long, long existence! Morganna was a wise ruler during Merlin's absence.

More information to come as we have a better idea of who will be playing and as Brian makes it up.

Welcome to a
very supernatural
Pot-Luck Costume Party!

Immortal Murders

Taiwan Interactive Theatre Society

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