Notes for Contributors

Electronic submissions should be sent to:

    Submissions Editor,
    Journal of Interactive Drama

E-mail submissions are accepted at

The Journal of Interactive Drama (ISSN 1994-1250) is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes one volume per year, with one to three issues per volume (depending upon the number of accepted submissions - we do not have a set schedule or quota for publication). Both Microsoft Word (6.0 or above, Windows format) and txt files are acceptable. Once received, manuscripts will be sent to reviewers immediately.

  1. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Interactive Drama should follow the style sheet of the current MLA Handbook as appropriate. Scenario submissions may use informal formatting conventions as long as they stay within the guidelines here.
  2. If your submission has notes, please use footnotes, not endnotes.
  3. The font used is Times New Roman (11pt) Ė creative pieces, such as scenarios, may use other font sizes but should stay within the same font type. If you use a special font that is non-system, you must include a copy of the font file with your submission. Please do not use columns in your piece.
  4. Use a separate sheet to include your name, title, affiliated institution, and contact information (email) as well as a brief authorís biography of 150-250 words to be included in the contributorís notes.
  5. Include a brief summary or abstract of the submission.
  6. If you use illustrations or photographs, you must include all pertinent information as well as statements of permissions and copyrights to demonstrate you have the rights to include the images and that they may be published within the Journal of Interactive Drama under the same online and print rights as the accompanying paper. In the event of rights disputes, the author is responsible and liable for any material included in that authorís submission.

  7. Please note that this journal evaluates submissions on an Accept or Not-Accept basis and does not have a provisional revision option. You will receive a notice of Acceptance or Rejection for publication in a timely manner and will not typically receive any comments regarding the piece from the reviewers.

Publishers wishing their books, products, or other materials reviewed may send hard or soft review copies to the editor's address above and a reviewer will be assigned.

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